About Sam

Sam Hinds is 10 years old and is a 5th grader at Westfield Intermediate School in Westfield, Indiana.    He has been racing open wheel Karts since he was 5 years old.  His first kart was purchased the day after he turned 5.      Sam has won local championship races in the kid kart division at Newcastle Motorsports Park and Whiteland Raceway park in 2012 and has placed within the top ten at WKAs manufacturers cup National Seris races.   Sam Hinds Motorsports is currently completing in National events such as WKA man cup series,  United States Professional Kart Series (USPKS), and Route 66.


We will also be racing in the local club races at New Castle Motorsports park.

Sam enjoys riding his bike, playing video games and playing outside like every other kid today.   His passion is in sports.  If he is not racing, he is playing baseball or basketball.  He has developed into quite a good pitcher in baseball with help of several coaches here in Westfield.


Sam was born into a racing family.  His grandfather, Don Reed, is a veteran NHRA Top Fuel drag racer.  Don started racing in the 70s along with some of the greats in the sport.  Don won several Regional races and continued his career through 2006.    Sams dad, Steve, started working with Don in the late 90 and continued racing with other teams into 2010.