End of KRA season


We were looking forward to attending the KRA banquet at NCMP this weekend but unfortunately we won’t be able to make it. We want to thank Comet Kart Sales and Comet Racing Engines for our rejuvenation in the last half of the season.

Sam finished 2nd and 4th in kra points and 10th in WKA man cup series points. This season he took poles and won several club races, along with a pole and a heat race win at WKA. We owe it all to the guys at Comet. Mark jr, Mark sr, and Gary worked with Sam each and every time out and our results speak for themselves.

Sam is excited to continue next season and build on his sucess by getting a championship at all levels. We also want to thank Shawn at INDYSPORTGROUP, Grandma and Grandpa Rodecap, Jim and Melisa Hajek and Grandpa Hinds for assistance throughout the season. And also need to thank Alan Hinds. He is the spokes in the wheel of our crew. He sacrifices time from work and his family to help us out whenever he can. We are eternally grateful!

We race at Daytona, Florida a few days after Christmas to start our 2017 season in WKA. Thank you for everyone who supports Sam and follows us throughout the season !!